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Country Archer Provisions announced the launch of its new protein-packed meat stick line: Ancestral Beef Blend Meat Sticks. A pioneer in high-protein snacking, this innovative product is crafted with grass-fed beef and wholesome organ meats for a savory, classic bite. Available in two bold flavors, Original and Spicy, Country Archer Ancestral Blend Meat Sticks are available now nationwide.

This first-in-category innovation redefines snacking with exceptional taste and nutrition. Seamlessly combining organ meats’ nourishing properties with modern snacking convenience, it’s a nutritious on-the-go option.

“At Country Archer, our aim is to produce better-for-you snacks made from only the highest quality and nutrient-dense ingredients, featuring bold flavors and textures, often venturing into uncharted territories,” said co-founder and CEO of Country Archer Provisions, Eugene Kang. “Considering the rise in demand for organ meats, we set out to create a delicious and nutrient-rich snack specifically for these consumers. Packed with beef liver and heart, low in sugar, and abundant in protein, this meat stick offers a protein-packed punch.”

Each Country Archer Ancestral Beef Blend Meat Stick is crafted from premium grass-fed beef and a unique blend of liver and heart meat. Flavor details include:

  • Original – infused with authentic cracked pepper and garlic, it boasts a mouthwatering, timeless flavor profile.
  • Spicy – a fiery blend of red and white pepper, habanero, and chili powder that delivers a warm kick for spice lovers.

These nutrient-dense ingredients provide myriad health benefits, delivering essential nutrients such as iron, zinc, and vitamins A and B12 crucial for immune function, cognitive health, and red blood cell production. Beyond that, they offer high levels of healthy fats and protein, making organ meats a valuable and enriching addition to any diet. For those aiming to enhance their nutritional intake, exploring organ meats presents an opportunity to embrace a wealth of health-boosting elements.

Every Ancestral Beef Blend Meat Stick introduces a new protein option for the increasing number of consumers concerned about how their dietary decisions affect not just themselves but also the environment, society, and animal welfare. Incorporating organ meats not only benefits the body but also contributes to environmental sustainability through a form of upcycling. Country Archer’s use of organ meats breathes new life into a traditionally overlooked and discarded food source, reducing food waste and promoting a more responsible food system.

Beyond sustainability, organ meats bring abundant nutrients and premium-quality protein, enhancing the nutritional and flavor profile of food products. This holistic approach creates a win-win scenario for brands, consumers, and the environment, showcasing an innovative and genuinely sustainable methodology. With certifications like Keto, Paleo, and gluten-free, this protein-packed snack ensures a delicious and health-conscious choice for all. Each production is meticulously prepared using authentic components, featuring a superior mix of entirely grass-fed beef sourced from pasture-raised origins, devoid of any additional preservatives, MSG, nitrites, or nitrates.

With an MSRP of $1.99 per 24g stick, Country Archer Ancestral Blend Meat Sticks are now available at Sprouts stores, and are coming to Amazon, and with additional retailers to follow this March.

To learn more about Country Archer, visit, or follow the brand on Instagram (@CountryArcher) and Facebook (@CountryArcher).

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