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With the power of patented ingredient Brain-up 10®, this nutraceutical compound combines Fulvic & Humic acid complex and Vitamins B6, B9, and B12 to support healthy cognitive function in adults.

Cognitive wellness- the foundation of a healthy future!

  • Stay Sharp, Stay You: Experience the power of the patented Brainup-10 complex in Durabrain. Clinically backed to support cognitive health, it’s the brain supplement for memory and focus you’ve been looking for.
  • Fueling Minds, Enriching Memories: decades of clinical research backing Durabrain’s unique Andean Vitamin and Mineral Complex.
  • Your Cognitive Ally in Every Step: Elevate your mental performance with Durabrain. Designed for those who need mental performance to navigate life’s and work’s challenges with clarity, focus and endurance.
  • Cherish Every Memory Together: Durabrain™ isn’t just a memory pill; it’s a commitment to cognitive health. Protecting it means more shared quality life memories with your loved one. And stronger bonds enhancing social interaction with new found clarity.

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