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Consumer wellness brand Yay Day Inc. officially debuts with their first product, a super digestive daily supplement. With a mission to create a movement all about movements, it focuses on essential nutritive additives that aid in creating a healthy gut. Combined with proper sleep, the outcome is an optimal gut-brain connection. A happier “Yay” day begins with aligning 3 components (gut health, sleep and mental health), key to overall well-being.

With 40% of Americans experiencing digestive issues and more than 90% not getting the recommended amount of fiber, today’s consumers are plagued by a national gut health problem which can negatively affect their mental state and mood. YayDay is introducing a more holistic solution, creating a supplement that works by targeting the gut overnight while you sleep. With an ingredient profile of prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, and magnesium, it’s a safe and natural way to tackle digestion.

“As a practicing gastroenterologist, I see firsthand how digestive issues such as constipation and bloating can have a huge impact on someone’s daily life. In my clinical work with patients. I also recognize how the mind and gut are closely connected, and how improving one can dramatically impact the other. It’s what prompted me to join the YayDay team to design a next generation fiber supplement that is highly effective for our gut health, as well as being immensely drinkable” says gastroenterologist, Dr. Roshini Raj, Co-Founder of YayDay, an author and regular Today Show Contributor.

YayDay’s ingredients help to optimize the body’s process. Prebiotic fiber increases healthy gut microflora. 500 mg of digestive enzymes break down the fiber in the gut into smaller, more manageable pieces, so that fiber is more easily absorbed with less bloating. Magnesium glycinate plays a role in calmer moods and promotes sound sleep.

After her amazing success exploring the gut-skin axis as one of the Co-Founders of TULA Skincare, Dr. Raj is now turning her attention to the gut-mind connection as the next frontier in gut health. She has teamed up with Colin Walsh, YayDay Co-Founder and CEO of Ouai, and Accomplice, a creative agency in the UK. When they came together, it was to work on a fiber supplement product that addresses gut health, stimulates healthy bowel movements and addresses sleep, critical concerns Dr. Raj saw that her patients lacked the most. The goal is to bring a product to life by delivering elegant, fun and fresh messaging that promise to elevate the way people think about gut health.

“I knew I wanted to be a part of this movement. I think improving our gut health, and particularly optimizing the gut-brain connection- is the key to overall wellness, and this improvement can be a fun and empowering process. That’s why I was excited to join Colin and Accomplice in the development of YayDay – the first gut-brain product of its kind,” says Dr. Raj. Adding, “all aspects of my career (GI practice, media contributor role, author and entrepreneur) have been dedicated to helping people understand their bodies so that they can live healthier lives. After creating Tula and writing my latest book, Gut Renovation, I have been wanting to start something more focused on gut health as I see the understanding of its importance exploding.”

Priced at $75 USD for 30-day canister, a monthly subscription for $60 USD, or 7-Day Travel & Trial Packs for $25 USD, YayDay comes in “Sunset Citrus” powder to be mixed with water as a part of an evening ritual before going to bed, so that you can rest, digest, and have a morning bowel movement leading to a better day. YayDay is available direct-to-consumer on and rolling out onto Amazon Spring 2024.

“I am thrilled to be partnering with the incredible Dr. Raj to bring YayDay to the world. Our mission is to help people live their Yay and discover the power of a healthy gut-brain connection. Nothing is more life changing than a great night’s sleep and reliable morning movement. With those two boxes checked, the day is fully yours to live to the fullest,” Colin Walsh, Co-Founder and CEO.

About YayDay:
YayDay is a super digestive daily supplement, with its effective combination of prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, and magnesium, helps consumers have a more holistic approach to gut-brain health. Concepted and developed by leading trifecta of industry pros – Dr. Roshini Raj (gastroenterologist) and Colin Walsh – are giving consumers the quality product that will allow them to perform proper morning bowel movements, so they can live happier, healthier lives.

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