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Arctic Blue is an innovative health and wellness brand that offers clean, top-shelf, full-spectrum fish oil supplements. These are sourced from wild cod, taste remarkably fresh, and use plastic-free packaging. The Arctic Blue team has been able to create such an impeccable line of marine-based nutraceuticals thanks to its commitment to a unique combination of certifications, principles, and expertise — starting with the credentials of its founder, Ludo van de Wiel.

“I have always been committed to finding high-quality natural health solutions for my family,” explains the Arctic Blue owner. “On a work trip to Norway several years back, I came across a fish oil that was fresher and tastier than the fish oils I had used up until then, which is how I got the idea for the company.”

Van de Wiel himself is a fish oil expert and alumnus with a master’s degree in biotechnology from the renowned Dutch Wageningen University — an academic institution with a reputation for emphasizing health, nutrition, and agriculture. This made it easy for the health-trained entrepreneur to recognize the value of oil sourced from the fillet trim of wild-caught cod in the Barents Sea.

“The natural, non-concentrated form of cod oil has a very broad fatty acid profile,” Van de Wiel explains. “This ‘full spectrum’ fish oil is loaded with dozens of mono and polyunsaturated fats that are good for the body.”

Along with finding a quality source for the oil itself, Van de Wiel worked to establish a clear ethical standard for the brand. This included several key principles, such as avoiding krill oil (the food of whales), using fillet trimmings (as a sustainable pre-existing byproduct of the fishing industry), and working with fisheries that adhere to the strict regulations of the MSC certification program.

In the end, this all comes together to form the three key elements that are always present in every Arctic Blue product. The oil in every bottle and capsule is clean, fresh, and natural. This instantly makes it a superior range of fish oil supplements and the top option on the market, both from a nutritional and experiential perspective.

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